Fabrizio Magrini – photography

Fabrizio Magrini – photography

About me

Rome is my hometown and where is placed my Studio close to the center city. Basically I’m a wedding photographer  but my business extends also in events like studio portrait, graduate party, Company conventions, sports event,  and in Hotel photography. I carry out my photographic assignments wherever customers call me, in Italy and abroad. Shortly some news about my story and philosophy as a photographer. It all begun in the late 80’s when I knew some enthusiastic guys of a photo club. They taught me the fundamentals of the camera settings and the alchemies  of the darkroom. Magnifiers, tubs full of chemical developer, tricks of masking photography… I begun to create my photography. What my eye grabbed with my camera, magically revealed strictly in black and white, stories and emotions onto  sheets, few moments before only white paper. Then and now my core aim is just the same: getting a photograph that tells stories and emotions. Nothing else. Whatever be the assignment. In the meanwhile I refined my style, spending a significant amount of time to update my skills, stay in tune with market trends trying to offer the best service I can to the Customer.

Fabrizio as a Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer, I pay care to the new trend’s style but avoiding that photograph could be overwhelmed, distracting eye to the true identity of the picture. This because I want to show for first thing the emotions and the freshness of the image as it is grabbed. Having under control every aspect of the wedding’s service is one of the basic requirements to face any situation and the ‘light’ is among those a primary topic. My photography is never leave to chance, so if the scene have harsh or poor light condition or I need a fill light to paint in a delicate way the shape of the dress or the bride’s look, I don’t miss to use auxiliary source of light to balance and give more emphasis to the picture. My work go further the wedding’s day; I follow personally the post-production of all pictures chosen and using professional software I take out only the best from every frame avoiding to distort it. Discretion and interaction are also two basic requirements of my wedding’s photo policy. Discretion, to assure respect of ceremony and towards the place where it held, letting the whole scene to the bride and groom. Interaction to get a friendly dialogue and set up the right feeling with the newlyweds. From the very first meeting in studio I take care and pay attention to them with helpfulness. Knowing each other, showing the beauty and worth of my works, listening to them, their requests, giving them some suggestion, we plan together the photo feature coming towards their expectations. We are ready and skilled. During our meeting we’ll show a wide range of choice about classic book or digital photo book and many other photo and video options too. When the couple have very clear in their mind what we will do and how, shortly it will began to clear off the fear (in which sometime the couple fall) to feel not comfortable in front of a camera as well. With those conditions, trust in their photographer, groom and bride will be naturally and relaxed, happy to be themselves at their best in every scenario they will be photographed. I hope to have explained my passion about photography and I wish to tell with my pictures also the true emotions of anyone who have had curiosity to read those few lines.



Registered in Official Photographers List of Rome Vicariage

‘TAU VISUAL’ member

Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti